Exclusive: Jack Johnson Explains Songs From New Album

We talked to the one and only Jack Johnson about his lyrics off his latest LP...

It's been three years since singer/songwriter Jack Johnson has released new music, but the breezy singer/songwriter is back with his sixth studio album From Here to Now to You. Recorded at Johnson's own studio Mango Tree, the album is a collection of easy-listening tunes that only Johnson knows how to deliver, thanks to his smooth vocals, signature acoustic guitar and lyrical storytelling.

Jack Johnson took time to break down each individual track off From Here to Now to You on camera, exclusively for MetroLyrics. In the clips, Jack describes how he came up with the lyrics to every song and the meaning behind the words. Watch the videos below for outstanding insight into the lyrics on Jack's new album. You can watch the first six explanations below, and the following six right here in part two.

1. "I Got You"

2. "Washing Dishes"

3. "Shot Reverse Shot"

4. "Never Fade"

5. "Tape Deck"

6. "Don't Believe A Thing I Say"

Click here for part two, featuring six more song explanations from Jack Johnson.

From Here To Now To You
is available on iTunes now.