Exclusive: KROQ Interviews Lana Del Rey

We've long been fans of Lana Del Rey, ever since we wrote about her last summer in fact, and always want to know more about the mysterious songstress. We were so excited (not to mention jealous) when our friends at KROQ Radio got the opportunity to interview her in person recently. DJ's Kevin and Bean had the chance to ask Del Rey about the "controversy" that surrounds her SNL performance, her haters, her die-hard fans, and how her career in North America differs drastically from her career in Europe.

The interview is fascinating because Del Rey is open, well-spoken, and confident. It was nice to hear KROQ giving her a chance to set the record straight and remind us all that she's about the music and not the petty controversy. We think the fact that we still can't shake her hit single "Video Games" is a testament to that. Check out the Lana Del Rey audio interview and KROQ's write up and let us know what you think!