Exclusive: The All-American Rejects "Walk Over Me" Handwritten Lyrics

Walk Over Me Handwritten Lyrics

Everybody's favorite pop-punkers The All-American Rejects know a thing or two about lyrics. As mentioned in our interview with AAR lead singer Tyson Ritter back in May, "Lyrics don't always have to be 8-layers deep to have an impact". Which is why we're super excited to get an exclusive gift from the rock band: handwritten lyrics! The song that's been written out for us (and you!) is "Walk Over Me" from their latest album Kids In The Street — a classic tale of a girl walking all over a guy after he gives his heart to her. Check out the handwritten pages below, right out of AAR's songbook!

Pick up AAR's Kids In The Street off iTunes or wherever you get your music. What do you think of their super-cool handwritten lyrics?