Fefe Dobson Explains Why Amy Winehouse Is An Icon

Watch the singer/songwriter discuss the legend and cover "Rehab" in her online series.

Fefe Dobson's latest artist that she feels left a "Legacy" on the world is Amy Winehouse, the R&B powerhouse who left us far too soon. In her online #Legacy series, she previously covered Michael Jackson's "Rock With You", and now she's taking on Winehouse's classic "Rehab".

The video depicts Fefe talking about why Amy left such a mark on the music world, and shows how the Canadian singer/songwriter was truly devastated when the British songstress passed away back in 2011. Dobson remarks how the two of them were the same age, and how if she were to meet her today, she would definitely get down and kiss her feet!

Watch Fefe's version of "Rehab" below, and hear her gush about Amy Winehouse's legacy:

Fefe's upcoming album Firebird is due out early next year. Stay tuned to watch the next episode in her #Legacy series!