Fill In The Blanks: Enrique Iglesias's Most Popular Songs!

So, Enrique Iglesias has been topping the pop charts for YEARS. We know that y'all love to dance to his music, but how well do you really know his lyrics? Can you sing along with the best of 'em? B96 put together a lyric quiz for "Finish The Lyrics Friday" of Enrique's 10 most popular songs...lets have a practice round: 

Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull - I Like It

One love, one love / _______ ________, _______ you know the answer? Can you fill in the blanks without clicking on the lyrics or watching the video?
Head over to B96 for their Finish The Lyrics Friday: How Well Do You Know Enrique Iglesias' Music? quiz and report back with your high scores!