Florence + The Machine's Top 5 Song Lyrics

Florence knows that three redheads are better than one in the songwriting process...

With the recent release of Florence + The Machine's sophomore album Ceremonials, Last.fm checked out their F+TM "scrobbles" to predict how well the album will do. On that note, we decided to hit the MetroLyrics charts to scope Florence's most popular lyrics of all time! We're counting down Flo's top lyrics from 5 to 1, and talking why they're her most searched:

5. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

"Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl / Frozen in the headlights / It seems I made the final sacrifice / We raise it up"

When Flo's first album Lungs was released, "Rabbit Heart" was the clear favorite as it was the top scrobbled song on the album. The tune was also the second most successful single to come off her debut release. We think the song is a winner because of the dark, mystical lyrics paired up with the catchy, poppy piano/drum lines. 

4. Cosmic Love

"The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out / You left me in the dark / No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight / In the shadow of your heart"

This one is the favorite of all the music critics out there, calling it the best on Lungs, and we can see why. The title "Cosmic Love" sounds so brilliant, like a love that extends beyond the cosmos, but the lyrics reveal the true meaning behind the title. Their love had no light, no positivity — just blackness. 

3. You've Got The Love

"When food is gone you are my daily need / When friends are gone I know my saviour's love is real / Your love is real / You got the love"

Who knew that the top 3 searched F+TM song is a cover of The Source/Candi Staton's "You Got The Love"? Even Joss Stone has covered it! The lyrics totally seem like they were written by the crimson-haired crooner. It's a fan favorite, especially at festivals where Flo really lets the audience know she loves the lyrics with her passionate performance. Clearly, the fans love the lyrics too!

2. Heavy In Your Arms

"I was a heavy heart to carry / My beloved was weighed down / My arms around his neck / My fingers laced to crown"

This tune *probably* takes the #2 spot on the countdown because it's from the epic Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack, but it has staying power because Twi-hards can really relate to the overall theme of the lyrics. Florence has stated that she was inspired to write this song by the burden of love between the Twilight characters, and fans can really sense it. 

1. Dog Days Are Over

"Run fast for your mother / run fast for your father / Run for your children all your sisters and brothers / Leave all your love and your longing behind / You can't carry it with you / if you want to survive"

You knew it was coming: the most-searched Florence + The Machine song is "Dog Days Are Over"! Used in films (Eat, Pray, Love anyone?) as well as on TV (the Glee version is huge!), it's definitely the group's biggest song of all time. What about it makes the lyrics so captivating? It's a song with a message of hope: with the dog days over, you can feel free to move on with your life. So uplifting! 

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As the months go by, time will tell if the songs from Ceremonials will make it into the top 5 most searched Florence + The Machine lyrics. Will the album be a bigger hit than Lungs

Listen to the full album streaming at StreetDate and tell us what you think! 

~ A.H.