Foster The People Top Our #TrendingTuesday List

This latest edition of #TrendingTuesday is a big one! So many new albums...

Welcome back to another edition of Trending Tuesday! This is a big one, because so many new records were released today that we're actually a little overwhelmed. From Kylie Minogue to Enrique Iglesias to Capital Cities to The Pretty Reckless, pretty much all of our fave artists put out an album today, which means that we've spent all day listening to music -- which isn't a bad thing, of course! So what songs and singles are we totally digging right now? Read on and press play:

10. Capital Cities - One Minute More

Why it's trending: With their debut album finally out today, synth-pop duo Capital Cities first took the world by storm with their infectious single "Safe And Sound" which dropped last spring. Now, with In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery available for all to hear, their latest single "One Minute More" is a bouncy and bright tune that gets us in the mood for better weather.

Best lyric line: "Unleash your imagination / Two stars, one constellation / Bright lights just to guide the way / Can you see what I see in you?"

9. Sia - Chandelier

Why it's trending: Pop songwriter extraordinaire Sia is gearing up to release her sixth studio album this year, so instead of writing for big names like Rihanna or Beyonce, she's keeping all the pop jams for herself! That's right, "Chandelier" could have been a hit for a superstar, but Sia decided to be selfish and released this one under her own name. Smart girl!

Best lyric line: "I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry / I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier..."

8. Calvin Harris - Summer

Why it's trending: There's nothing like a fresh new track to remind us of warmer days around the corner! DJ/producer Calvin Harris decided to take the classic 'summer love' songwriting theme and turn it into an EDM smash, making us bob back and forth at our desks, respectively.

Best lyric line: "When I met you in the summer / Took my heart a beat sound / We fell in love..."

7. Cher Lloyd - Sirens

Why it's trending: Let's be honest: when you think of Cher Lloyd's music, the words "soft" and "subtle" definitely don't pop into your head. The usually brash songstress has just put out a single from her upcoming sophomore album Sorry I'm Late, "Sirens", and it's anything but loud and flashy like what the title would suggest.

Best lyric line: "Lay down here beside me in the hallowed water / Beside me where the silver lining stays until / The sirens calling..."

6. The Muppets, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett - We're Doing A Sequel

Why it's trending: Out today, the latest Muppets movie Most Wanted's soundtrack features a cameo from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, respectively. They may only be in the song for a line or two, but only the Muppets can get two superstars like that on their track!

Best lyric line: "We're doing a sequel / We're back a popular demand / Come on everybody, strike up the band..."

5. Black Lips - Boys In The Wood

Why it's trending: It's finally here! The newest record from garage rockers Black Lips, Underneath the, was announced last year, and after premiering the lyric video for "Boys In The Wood" back in January, we couldn't wait to hear their collection of rockin' new tunes. "Boys In The Wood" just might be our fave still from the record, though, simply for the ~*memories*~.

Best lyric line: "When the boys start to drinking / You know it ain't no good / Ain't gonna live for tomorrow / You know you never should..."

4. Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once

Why it's trending: Miss Minogue is back with her whopping 12th studio album, Kiss Me Once, and the album's title track showcases the Aussie pop legend's killer pipes. We're blasting this one all day!

Best lyric line: "Oh, kiss me once / And you will watch me fall / Oh, kiss me twice / And I will give you my all..."

3. The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell

Why it's trending: Another new album has come out today, and it's the second album from Taylor Momsen's rockin' musical project The Pretty Reckless. Going To Hell is definitely an album that will give the haters a chance to rethink their opinion about Momsen, who delivers some seriously bada$$ vocals on the albums' title song.

Best lyric line: "For the lines that I take / I'm going to hell / For the love that I make / I'm going to hell..."

2. Enrique Iglesias - El Perdedor (ft. Marco Antonio Solis)

Why it's trending: Enrique fans unite! The Latin star's newest album Sex + Love is here, and since we have nothing but love for the heartthrob, it's only natural we feature him so high on the #TT list. Not to mention we premiered the lyrics to his new album -- no biggie or anything.

Best lyric line: "No, no vayas presumiendo / Que me has robado el corazón / Y no me queda nada más / Si, prefiero ser el perdedor..."

1. Foster The People - Best Friend

Why it's trending: As probably our favorite record that came out today, Foster The People's Supermodel is a solid second effort from the trio of rockers. The album's standout track? Definitely "Best Friend", which totally has Song Of The Summer written all over it.

Best lyric line: "When your best friends are strung out / You'll do everything you can / 'Cause you're never gonna let it get 'em down..."

Don't have Spotify? No worries! We've compiled our #TrendingTuesday playlist on YouTube for you:

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Stick around for the next edition of Trending Tuesdays the following week. What has been your most-played track recently?