George Harrison's Birthday: Our Fave "Quiet Beatle" Lyrics

February 25th would have been George Harrison of The Beatles' 69th birthday. We tragically lost the music legend to lung cancer in 2001, but his lyrics will forever touch and inspire listeners around the world. Known as "The Quiet One" in The Beatles' quartet, Harrison spoke louder than ever in his timeless lyrics, and in honor of his birthday, we're choosing our favorite lyrics by this prolific songwriter.


"Somewhere in her smile she knows / That I don't need no other lover / Something in her style that shows me / I don't want to leave her now"

My Sweet Lord

"My sweet Lord / I really wanna be with You / I like to see You, Lord / Oh, it takes so long"

Here Comes The Sun

"I feel that ice is slowly melting / Little darling / It seems like years since it's been clear / Here comes the sun"

^ As a little birthday treat, our friends from WXRT posted this footage of Sir George Martin, Giles Martin (his son), and Dhani Harrison (George's son) listening to the mix of "Here Comes The Sun" with an unreleased guitar solo from Harrison. Amazing!

What are your favorite George Harrison lyrics? Let us know in the comments.