Get All The Lyrics To Phoenix's New Album 'Bankrupt!'

The countdown is on for fans of the French alternative-rock band Phoenix: their fifth studio album Bankrupt! hits the shelves this Tuesday, April 22nd! With the release of their new record, you're going to want to memorize the lyrics to the whole thing, aren't you? So lucky for you, Phoenix posted all of the lyrics to Bankrupt! on their website! Just follow the link and get the words to the record. Plus, we've got the full track listing for y'all right here..

1. "Entertainment"
2. "The Real Thing"
3. "S.O.S. in Bel Air"
4. "Trying to Be Cool"
5. "Bankrupt!"
6. "Drakkar Noir"
7. "Chloroform"
8. "Don't"
9. "Bourgeois"
10."Oblique City"

For now, hear the audio to their song "Trying To Be Cool" below:

Will you be picking up Phoenix's new album when it comes out? Let us know in the comments...