Get An Exclusive First Look At P.O.D.'s New Album 'Murdered Love'

P.O.D. band image

Hard rockers P.O.D. have been making heavy music since 1992. If you listened to the radio or watched a popular movie between then and now, you've probably heard some of their biggest hits like "Alive," "Youth Of The Nation," and "Boom."

The band has eight albums under their belt but it's the latest one, entitled Murdered Love, that has fans excited about their collaboration with long-time friend and super-producer Howard Benson. P.O.D. will also be getting on stage to perform at the ROCKSTAR ENERGY UPROAR Tour alongside bands like Godsmack, Stained, and Papa Roach.

We're pairing with P.O.D. to bring you this exclusive preview of their album Murdered Love in which you can hear snippets of each song and also listen to band members Sonny Sandoval and Marcos Curiel give some background details about each track. The video's tracklist is interactive so you can easily click to hear the next song on the list. Sonny and Marcos give some great insight into the inspiration behind the band's lyrics. About the first single "Lost In Forever" they said, "It's about thinking about the eternal, and how you can get lost in that moment of thinking about the afterlife. Sometimes it's a beautiful thing and sometimes it's a very scary thing." Hear the track previews and listen to P.O.D. speak about each one below:

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