Get Money: The Richest Lyrics From Hip-Hop's 5 Wealthiest Earners in 2013

Early today, Forbes released their list of Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists in 2013 including reported numbers of how much each mogul is worth. We decided to dig up the richest-sounding most dripping-in-dough lyrics these businessmen — who are also rappers and musicians — have. Here's our list:

1. Diddy: "Five carats on my hands wit the cuts / And swim in European figures / F**k bein a broke n***a"

from It's All About The Benjamins

Diddy earned his reported $580 million from his long music career, which has spanned over 20 years and his incredibly successful business ventures that include his Sean John clothing line and his deal with Ciroc vodka. Also we heard he has a deal with the devil where every time he changes his stage name he gets a million dollars, which explains everything. Just kidding.

2. Jay-Z: "So I ball so hard m****f**** wanna fine me / But first n***as gotta find me / What's 50 grand to a m****f**** like me / Can you please remind me?"

from N***as In Paris

Forbes reports that Jay-Z is worth $475 million, which he earned by being a mogul in the purest sense. This business, man started his own clothing line, Rocawear, and has big-money deals with Live Nation with regards to his own label Roc Nation. He also part-owns the Brooklyn Nets NBA team and has tons of investments in other companies, as any smart mogul does. Diversify!

3. Dr. Dre: "Hit my boys off with jobs, no more living hard / Barbecues every day, driving fancy cars / Still gon' get mine regardless"

from Still D.R.E.

Any time you see Beats by Dre headphones on somebody, that's money in this smart mogul's pocket. Valued at $350 million, Dr. Dre sold Beats by Dre, then RE-bought it and the company is still growing. He's also credited with discovering talents like Eminem and more recently Kendrick Lamar.

4. Birdman: "Hundred thousand a day on that sky rocket / From round the block doing this shit round the clock / Million dollar n***a doing this shit non-stop"

from I Get Money

Birdman, if you didn't know, owns Cash Money records which boasts artists like Lil Wayne (who many confuse as Birdman's actual son, which isn't true), Nicki Minaj, and Drake. Anytime you hear an artist rep YMCMB in a song, Birdman just hears the sound of a cash register. ChaCHING!

5. 50 Cent: "I'm stanky rich, I'ma die tryna spend this shit / Southside's up in this b***h / Yeah, I smell like the vault"

from I Get Money

We didn't expect to see 50 Cent on this list, but here he is! Forbes reports that Curtis Jackson is worth $125 million from heavy sales of his albums and merchandise, as well as the sale of his company (yep) Vitamin Water! We hear his favorite flavour is the green one. Cause of money. Heh.

Can you come up with richer lyrics for these top 5 rap moguls? Tell us your suggestions in the comments...