Get Playlistin' This Weekend with 5 Songs For Friday, Saturday & Sunday

The Weeknd Image Coachella

The weekend: it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Those awesome days we call Friday, Saturday and Sunday give us a chance to recharge from a hectic work or school week. We thought that we'd pay homage to such a celebrated time in our lives that occurs not often enough with 5 weekend-themed songs. Just how are these tunes weekend-friendly? Well, they all drop the word in the lyrics, of course! Sit back, relax, and press play as our weekend songs lull you into three days of effortless bliss:

5. Estelle ft. Kanye West - American Boy

"Can we get away this weekend? Take me to Broadway / Let's go shopping baby then we'll go to a Café / Let's go on the subway, take me to your hood / I never been to Brooklyn and I'd like to see what's good"

4. Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend

"I tell my good friends, get out the way / Of all the lightning hitting the trees today / We get a thrill from clapping our hands / We find the nearest girl and ask her to dance"

3. Loverboy - Working For The Weekend

"Everybody's workin' for the weekend, yeah / Everybody wants a new romance, hey yeah / Everybody's goin' off the deep end / Everybody needs a second chance, oh"

2. Elton John — Saturday Night's All Right (For Fighting)

"Get about as oiled as a diesel train / Gonna set this dance alight / 'Cause Saturday night's the night I like / Saturday night's alright, alright, alright"

1. The Black Eyed Peas — I Gotta Feeling

"Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday / (Do it!) / Get, get, get, get, get with us, you know what we say, say / Party every day, p-p-p-party every day"

Do you have any weekend songs you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comments!