AdamYauchParkImage c/o Daniel Zuchnik (Getty)

The New York Times wrote up an interesting piece that reminded us of the hip-hop lyric art installation we covered over a month ago. When it comes to rap music, a lot of rappers take pride in where they grew up and honor their birthplace through lyrics, and a common borough that these musicians hail from is Brooklyn, NY. So, the NTY decided to map out Brooklyn through its many name-drops in hip-hop, from Biggie's apartment in his song "Guarateed Raw" to Jay-Z's stash spot in "Empire State Of Mind". The most touching location on the "map" that the NYT wrote out, though, honored fallen Beastie Boy Adam Yauch by mentioning the park named after him in his hometown in Brooklyn Heights, shouted out in the Beastie Boys track "Root Down". Listen to the song below:

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