Get To Know Campfire OK Through Their My Musical Minds

The up-and-coming folk-rockers shared their handwritten surveys with us...

Seattle natives Campfire OK have taken a unique blend of old and new with their latest album When You Have Arrived. Borrowing an antique sound through their use of hand-claps and the banjo, but using sparkling modern production as well as gorgeous vocal harmonies to make their sound fresh. We see big things in the future for Campfire OK, especially after getting to know the up-and-coming folk-rock band through their handwritten My Musical Mind surveys.

Check out each individual band member's My Musical Minds below:

Listen to Campfire OK's "Wishing You The Best" from their new album on Soundcloud:

And check out their new album When You Have Arrived on iTunes. What do you think of Campfire OK's music? Let us know in the comments.