Get To Know Up-and-Coming Pop-Star Conway

After completing an opening slot on Ellie Goulding's tour, the singer filled out our MY MUSICAL MIND questionnaire...

Meet Conway, a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter poised for the spotlight. She made an instant impression on us when we saw her open for Ellie Goulding earlier this year — mostly thanks to amazing stage presence and totally bonkers outfits — so we asked the up-and-coming pop-star to introduce herself to you by filling out our My Musical Mind questionnaire, and she didn't disappoint. Rather than using the standard print-out, she put her own spin on things by writing it out on lined paper that somehow resembles a round vinyl record. A few of the best bits: Conway really likes her grey hoodie, to the point that she has a pet name for it (Grey Girl); the lyrics that changed her life are from a Talking Heads song; and she really likes hugging animals — but who doesn't, right? Read Conway's entire My Musical Mind survey below.

Conway's Hidden Her "Killer" Handwritten Lyrics In A Maze
Can you read her lyrics all the way to the end? Follow the path to sing along......More

Watch Conway perform her song "Killer" live below:

Maybe you noticed that Conway is holding another piece of paper in addition to her My Musical Mind survey in the photo above. That there is a handwritten lyric for the song "Killer," which you can see right's pretty a-MAZE-ing!

Stream Conway's debut EP Big Talk below, which is available on iTunes now.

For more Conway, check out her web page and follow her on Twitter & Facebook.