Glee Christmas: Our Fave Holiday Covers

Let's face it: Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without covers of classic carols filling our ears. So we've got a treat for all you Gleeks out there: Street Date's Top 10 Christmas Songs from Glee! We thought we'd pick out a handful of our faves from the list, post the lyrics, and relate them to the episode the song aired in:

Last Christmas (with Rachel and Finn)

"Now I know what a fool I've been / But if you kissed me now / I know you'd fool me again"

In the episode of Glee that features this song, Rachel desperately wants Finn to forgive her for being a fool. But he rejects her, which is why these lyrics fit so well with the situation. Poor Rachel :(

Do They Know It's Christmas (with the Glee club)

"And in our world of plenty, we can spread a smile of joy! / Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time"

In the spirit of the giving holiday, the Glee cast covers the 1985 charity hit "Do They Know It's Christmas". In the episode, the cast head to a homeless shelter to hand out food and put a smile on sad faces.

Baby, It's Cold Outside (with Kurt and Blaine)

"I really can't stay / (But baby, it's cold outside) / I've got to go away / (But baby, it's cold outside)"

As Kurt and Blaine rehearse this song together, it gets a little flirty, and feelings begin to grow. We love the back-and-forth lyrics between the two: adorable!

- - -

What's your favorite Glee Christmas cover? Let us know in the comments!

~ A.H.