Green Day Fight For Their Right To Rock Out In "Kill The DJ" Music Video

Either Green Day is threatened by the fact that DJ's are starting to dominate the pop music scene or a DJ stole their girlfriend once but make one thing clear: they want to kill the DJ. Their latest single (which has a chorus that recalls the classic Smiths song "Panic") is called "Kill The DJ" and its lyrics contain biblical references that we can't quite piece together. They mention "Christian soldiers," Sodom and Gomorroah, and the words "holy" and "unholy".

The video is a little disturbing but in true Green Day fashion it's edgy and angsty. Watch above as the band rides into town on their motorbikes, walk into a club full of candy kids and begins to play their song urging the onlookers to "kill the DJ." Instead the people start to attack each other and indulgent amounts of fake blood can be seen streaking across the club.

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