Grizzly Bear Member Daniel Rossen Goes Solo with New EP

As a member of one of indie rock's most recent successes Grizzy Bear, Daniel Rossen's solo EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile is in the same melancholic-yet-melodic vibe as the group he hails from.

In "Saint Nothing", Rossen shows off his superior songwriting skills with just vocals and a piano:

Lift your head
So pristine
And white with age
Walk with me
Speak to me

I don't know your name
But your voice so strong
Speaks through the glass
Speaks through the ground
An empty phrase
A hollow sound

Quite severe
Leave the throng
A mind so clear
You feel no pain
An end so near
You taste the blood

How long?
How long?
How long?
How long?

Are you feeling Daniel Rossen's solo music, Grizzly Bear fans? Let us know your thoughts!