Happy Birthday Lady Gaga! Her 14 Best Party Tracks

Let's celebrate Mother Monster's birthday and get our groove on to her danciest tunes...

Happy 28th birthday, Lady Gaga! Looks like it's the pop superstar's champagne birthday (when you turn the age that is your birthdate), so why not celebrate with a party playlist? We've rounded up Gaga's best party anthems about dancing, going out with friends, and just overall having a good time. Using both our Spotify and YouTube channels, you can join our totally Gaga celebration by playing the best 15 tracks she has to offer about partying it up. So put your paws up for Mother Monster on her b-day, y'all, and check out our playlist dedicated to the birthday diva:

♪ 1. Just Dance
♪ 2. Telephone (ft. Beyonce)♪
♪ 3. Born This Way
♪ 4. Venus
♪ 5. Poker Face
♪ 6. So Happy I Could Die
♪ 7. Heavy Metal Lover
♪ 8. G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)
♪ 9. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
♪ 10. Dance In The Dark
♪ 11. The Edge Of Glory
♪ 12. Do What U Want (ft. R. Kelly) ♪
♪ 13. Donnatella
♪ 14. Applause

What song are you dedicating to Lady Gaga on her birthday? Let us know in the comments!