Happy Birthday Mase!

Mase (or Ma$e with a dollar sign, if you're feeling like a baller), might just be my favourite rapper. He's super goofy but still manages to get taken seriously because, well, he's pretty talented. I love his mumbly flow. He spits his lines so effortlessly and carelessly it actually almost sounds like he just woke up. In fact, P. Diddy probably just put a baby monitor in Mase's room so he could record him sleep-talking and put it on a track. 

In April 2009, Mase announced his retirement from the music industry to pursue a calling from God and lead an international ministry. Then in 2004, he had a comeback with "Welcome Back" and hasn't released any album since... So, Mase, I'll "Tell You What I Want" from you: some new music! ~*Your sleepy flow is what dreams are made of*~