Happy Friday The 13th! Nicki Minaj & Ludacris Take Our Lyric Of The Week

Nicki Minaj

We don't mean to alarm you, but check your calendar...it's Friday The 13th! Today's the day where superstition rules: don't walk under a ladder, avoid black cats, and don't step on a crack! Whether you believe in the unlucky nature associated with Friday The 13th or not, it's the hot topic of today, so we based our Lyric Of The Week around the spoOoOoOoOky date. Which line did we pick, exactly? We went with Nicki Minaj's lyric from her feature in Ludacris's 2010 jam "My Chick Bad":

It's going down, basement / Friday the 13th, guess who's playing Jason? / Tuck yourself in, you better hold on to your teddy / It's nightmare on Elm Street and guess who's playing Freddy?

Watch the video for "My Chick Bad" below on VEVO, and have a happy and safe Friday The 13th!