Happy Halloween! The Top 10 Lyrics Name-Dropping The Holiday

The day has finally come! After all of our Halloween 2012 coverage, we've arrived at the big day itself, and we're happily sitting her in costume whilst munching candy and spooking each other out. Therefore, in honor of one of our favorite holidays, we've curated a top 10 list of the best songs that name-drop Halloween! Without further ado, here's our countdown...BOO!

10. Iron & Wine — Trapeze Swinger

"And please remember me, at Halloween / Making fools of all the neighbors / Our faces painted white, by midnight / We'd forgotten one another"

9. Stevie Wonder — I Just Called To Say I Love You

"Not even time for birds to fly to southern skies / No Libra sun, no Halloween"

8. Black Eyed Peas — Do It Like This

"This s***'s is terrifying, Halloween"

7. Misfits — Halloween

"Bonfires burning bright / Pumpkin faces in the night / I remember Halloween"

6. Nicki Minaj — Roger That

"I'm in the collard green 6, cornbread in the guts / Got da Halloween kicks trick or treatin the clutch"

5. Dave Matthews Band — Halloween

"Why this lonely love / Halloween / Carry on / Bury all"

4. Eminem — Underground

"Captain of the cult with an elite following / To turn Halloween back to a trick or treat holiday"

3. Bon Iver — Holocene

"'Someway, baby, it's part of me, apart from me' / You're laying waste to Halloween"

2. Drake — Lord Knows

"In a time where it's recreation / To pull all your skeletons out the closet like Halloween decorations"

1. Blink-182 — I Miss You

"We'll have Halloween on Christmas / And in the night we'll wish this never ends"

- - -

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everybody! Did we miss one of your favorite Halloween lyrics? Let us know!