Have U Heard?: A?a

My quest to find information on Asa, this week's HUH? Artist, led me to her Wikipedia page. It was so poetically written that one might think it was edited by the talented songwriter herself. Lines like "The desire to sing came to her and did not go away, carving out a permanent place in her soul." aren't usually found in typically technical Wiki entries but Asa (pronounced Asha) seems far from typical.

At the age of 18 while living in Nigeria, she secretly enrolled in the Peter King School of Music to pursue her passion for singing and songwriting. It didn't take long for her talent and unique voice to get her noticed in France, where she was born, and Nigeria on the radio. She was even appointed MTV's ambassador for South Africa and had the opportunity to open for huge acts like Beyoncé, Akon, and John Legend.

Her latest album Beautiful Imperfection is a mix of light, fun pop-soul songs and slower, smokier jazz numbers sung in both English and Yoruba. The Nigerian influence in her music is palpable and this unique style sets her apart from other singer-songwriters in the biz.

Watch the charming video for her single Be My Man off her second full-length album Beautiful Imperfection:



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