Have U Heard?: Lana Del Rey

HUH? Oh sorry, we should probably clarify. We're embarking on a new weekly feature called "Have U Heard?" or "HUH?" for fans of abbreviation that spotlights an up and coming artist making rumblings in the music scene. While digging around the interwebs for unknown musicians can be fun, it can also be exhaustive, so let us do the work for you! It's kinda our job, right? So without further ado, we bring you the FIRST EVER EDITION of HUH? Have U Heard? The lovely Miss Lana Del Rey. 

Cows have four stomachs, cats have nine lives, and Lana Del Rey (real name: Lizzy Grant) has an infinite supply of hearts. Well... at least we hope so, because it seems like hers breaks a lot. 

How else would the NYC born singer-songwriter be able to leave the listener feeling so gutted by the end of a song? Her single, "Video Games" manages to transform the most mundane elements (pool, darts, beer, and of course, video games) into a dreamy fairytale sans happy ending. 

Her jazz-laden, milky voice makes the song, at first listen, sound fifty years old. But the lyrical content and choppy video cuts of stolen spliced footage (she filmed the music video herself!) give it just the right amount of modernity to avoid too stark of a contrast. 

Oh yeah, did we mention her style is bangin? Del Rey is the Bond Girl lurking in the basement of a dive bar behind a veil of cigarette smoke. Thick winged eyeliner and door knocker earrings swaying to and fro as she hucks a dart. Bullseye. 

What's more heartbreaking than her songs, though, is the fact that we don't know when a full album is coming out of this songstress. Planning the release of an EP (for "Video Games" & "Blue Jeans") in early October, we're really really really hoping an album will arrive soon after, because, unlike Lana, we don't have multiple hearts, so we're gonna need her soothing serenades to mend ours in times of woe. In the meantime, check her other two songs, Diet Mtn Dew and Kinda Outta Luck to tie you over. 


Have U Heard? (HUH) is a new weekly feature where we profile a new up and coming artist you might not have heard yet. If you have any artist suggestions, just drop them in our ask box!