Have U Heard?: Surfer Blood

[Image courtesy of mymindislikeanorchard.tumblr.com]

Do you like sunshine? What about the beach? Friends? Fun? Having drinks on your porch? The ocean? Swimming? Pool parties? Sidewalk chalk? Tie-dye? Lemonade? Relaxing? Hammocks? BBQs? Vacations? Road trips? Popsicles? Laughing? Smiling? 

Of course you do! Now, if you took all those things and melted 'em together in a big vat, then hung up the giant, melted cluster on a clothesline to get all sun-stained and wind-dried, you'd end up with Surfer Blood. 

This power-pop coterie from West Palm Beach, Florida have both inspired and provided the soundtrack to most (if not all) of my summer days. Their fuzzy guitars and loose cymbals are just dripping with day-at-the-lake-under-a-30-degree-blood-orange-sun-ness. You know how when you're under water and the noise on the outside is all scrambled and slushy and swirling all around you? Surfer Blood's sound is kinda like that: a literal sun bath.

I was lucky enough to see these guys at this year's Sasquatch! Music Festival and they were by far my favourite act. Singer, John Paul Pitts jumped into the crowd and sang an entire song while weaving through slack-jawed spectators. It actually started to rain during the last couple songs but no one budged for cover — Surfer Blood's sounds kept us feeling warm and dry. 

At the moment, they've only got one album to their name, Astro Coast, which was released in January 2010, but they're releasing an EP on October 25th entitled Tarot Classics. The first single off Tarot Classics, "Miranda", has been super well-received since it hit the Internet just a little while ago. "Miranda's" playful and bright vibe have me counting down the days until I can get my ears on Tarot Classics in its entirety, because even when winter's chill blows through, Surfer Blood will have my headphones screaming summer. 


Check "Miranda" here:

And my personal favourite off Astro Coast, "Anchorage":

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