Have U Heard?: The Weeknd

The Weeknd forgot the e....but he didn't forget his A-game. This brand new R&B artist is shrouded in mystery but his breakout mixtape, House Of Balloons, still got him noticed around the world — which included scoring a nomination for Canada's prestigious Polaris Prize.

Let's break him down for you; in March, House Of Balloons was released for free on his website and the internet blew up. Blogs started buzzing with questions; who was the Weeknd? Where was he from? Here was this unknown guy with a smooth voice lilting seductively over lounge-y R&B beats but instead of sounding like a throwback, he sounded new and fresh. All anybody knew was that he was from Toronto, Drake was a huge fan of his and he and his crew used "xo" in their Twitter handles as some sort of identifier.

Now he's released a brand new mixtape called Thursday (it came out, fittingly, yesterday) and it was so popular that the download traffic crashed his website twice. We finally know that his name is Abel Tesfaye and that not only is Drake his fan, he's also a collaborator. Maybe that's all we need to know about him for now, as long as he keeps producing awesome music like this...oh and does anyone know his touring schedule? Anyone?

The Weeknd plans to release a third mixtape called Echoes of Silence in the fall so keep your ear to the ground.


Here's The Zone (ft. Drake) from our HUH artist of the week, The Weeknd:

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