Hear "Drinking From The Bottle", The Next Club Jam By Calvin Harris ft. Tinie Tempah

As the latest single from DJ/producer Calvin Harris's star-studded album 18 Months, "Drinking From The Bottle" featuring Tinie Tempah sing-rapping, about, well, drinking from the bottle in the club. Watch the lyric video above to get a little more familiar with, in our opinion, the same old lyrics about going out and drinking. We noticed that 2012 was the year of club bangers, with everybody from Ke$ha to Sean Kingston to Nicki Minaj bragging about hitting up a club and impressing everybody by buying them drinks. We don't know about y'all, but we're getting pretty de-sensitized to this kind of music and lyrics style, and we seriously hope that 2013 will be the end of the notorious "club banger"!

What do you guys think of Calvin & Tinie's new single? Are you fed up with lyrics about partying? Let us know your thoughts!