Hear Four Tracks From Paramore's Upcoming Self-Titled Album

Paramore has been heavily promoting their upcoming album, entitled simply Paramore and it's working — we are so excited for its release on April 8th! The latest tidbit that the band is offering up to fans is this 4-track preview of Side A of the album. In this video the band introduces the songs then lets the record play out for four songs.

Up first is "Fast In My Car," an energetic, percussion-driven song that would be the perfect soundtrack to a summer drive, as the name suggests. The second track is the angsty "Now" that reminds us of Metric and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Grow Up," the third offering on Side A will appeal to fans of classic Paramore with the hints of ska and pop punk that we've come to expect from the band. Last but not least is the thoughtful, crescendoing "Daydreaming" which, as Hayley Williams revealed last week, is a very personal track for her.

Listen to all four tracks above and tell us which one do you liked best!