Hear Jessie J's New Jam "It's My Party"

It's Jessie J's party, and she'll dance alone if she wants to. Hear her confident new song!

Get ready for the latest smash from Jessie J, y'all: the "Wild" singer/songwriter has a follow-up single to her still-untitled second album, and it's got "hit" written all over it. "It's My Party", a positive spin to Lesley Gore's classic tune of the same name, has Jessie confronting one of her haters and not giving a care.

Spewing the lyrics It's my party, I do do what I want / So while you sit and watch me / I keep dancing alone, "It's My Party" is a power jam that we can see a lot of people turning to to get over an ex, a bully, or just a negative person in life. Jessie's always been stellar at writing lyrics that give her fans strength, whether it's "Who You Are," a song about being comfortable in your own skin, or "Price Tag," a track with lyrics that question our obsession with material possessions. It's no surprise then that her new hit is intended to give listeners confidence to ignore the haters and live their lives to the fullest.

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