Hear Miley Cyrus's New Single "Wrecking Ball"

Miley comes in like a wrecking ball in her latest single: hear it now!


Whether or not you were a fan of Miley Cyrus's VMAs performance last night, we have some more Miley news to report. The singer couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to not only debut the album art of her upcoming record Bangerz, but also the second single from the release, "Wrecking Ball".

After listening to the single on VEVO, we have to admit: this is a killer pop song. The lyrics describe how falling in love can sometimes feel, well, like you're a wrecking ball — you come into it so fast, destroy everything in your path and then exit as quickly as you came into that person's life. We have to wonder, though... Miley's current hit "We Can't Stop" was written for Rihanna, so was this song written for somebody else, too? It almost sounds like a Bruno Mars song, since he usually tackles the theme of love gone sour in his songwriting.

Miley's forthcoming album Bangerz is officially out on October 4th, but you can stream "Wrecking Ball" on VEVO below for now. What are your thoughts on her new track?