Hear No Doubt's New Second Single — Title Track "Push And Shove"

When No Doubt first released a sneak preview of their new music, the title track "Push and Shove" sounded like a ska-driven, vocal-focussed and fun song that we were really looking forward to. Cut to the release of the band's first new single "Settle Down" which was a rather upbeat track with no real edge to it — we were a little disappointed.

Now we've got an antidote to our disappointment: No Doubt gave Ryan Seacrest the exclusive first broadcast of  the second single (and title track) "Push and Shove" and even though it sounds a little different than what we expected from the preview, we're loving it. It's much edgier than "Settle Down" while still making us feel like dancing.

What do you think of "Push and Shove"? Do you like it better than "Settle Down"? Tell us below!