Hear Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne's New Club-Ready Song "Last Night"

Paris Hilton's new song "Last Night" with Lil Wayne is 1 part trance, 1 part house, and 3 parts confusing. The confusing aspects of the song include the fact that this is a very unexpected duo, the fact that Paris doesn't sound like her usual breathy self, and the fact that the rapper Lil Wayne is barely rapping.

This new collaboration comes on the heels of Paris's stint as a DJ and her previous collaboration with party rockers LMFAO and DJ Afrojack. The story behind "Last Night" is that the release of the single was cancelled when Paris broke up with Afrojack, who was her boyfriend at the time. But lo and behold, the single has finally leaked for our listening (dis)pleasure.

Hear the song (set to clips of Paris and Lil Wayne) below:

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