Hear Rihanna's Track "Nobody's Business" Featuring, Yep, Chris Brown

"You'll always be mine / Sing it to the world / You'll always be my boy / I'll always be your girl / Ain't nobody's business / But mine and my baby""

...That's how the lyrics to the controversial collaboration between Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend/abuser (hey, it's just a fact) Chris Brown start out. The song, entitled "Nobody's Business," expresses a sentiment that we've heard before from both artists in regards to their troubled past together: that it's nobody's business but theirs. This song is perfectly in line with the title of Rihanna's seventh album Unapologetic as in, I will not apologize for my decisions (to collaborate with the ex boyfriend who was charged with beating me up).

This isn't the first time the two artists have collaborated since the domestic abuse incident: earlier this year Ri-ri had Chris Brown on the remix to "Birthday Cake" and expressed surprise in an interview with Esquire UK that anybody would be concerned about the collaboration. "The whole thing caught me a little off-guard to be honest ... especially the amount of ... negative attention," she told the magazine, "it never occurred to me how this was going to be a problem. It really didn't." We don't know if we can believe that. It seems to us that the two are provocateurs trying to shock us with their musical decisions.

What do you think: is this collaboration a good idea? Do you like the song? Tell us in the comments...