Hear Three New Lana Del Rey Songs - 'Big Bad Wolf', 'Playing Dangerous' and 'Afraid'

Lana Del Rey has had such big success this past year with her album Born To Die that companies are clamoring to nail her as the glamorous face of their brand. Two companies succeeded and recently released campaigns featuring the "gangster Nancy Sinatra" — H&M and Jaguar cars. With the announcements of the brand partnerships we suspect that Lana's team released these never-before-heard tracks to generate some buzz and we're certainly not complaining. Listen to them below and tell us which one is your favorite!

"Big Bad Wolf"

"I heart you and I wanna be your girl / I heart you and you rock my world."

"Big Bad Wolf" is a simple but edgy love song about falling for someone who might be bad for you.


"I've had it up to here with the panic and the fear / There's nothin' in your heart / I thought that I could make you change / I'm so afraid"

Afraid is a minimal song with a beat that reminds us of The Postal Service. The heartbreaking lyrics are about somebody in a loveless relationship who is afraid of their partner and plans to escape.

"Playing Dangerous"

"I've been bad, I've been wrong / Playing a dangerous game / I'm in love, I'm in love / Love in a hurricane"

This one is about a girl who manipulates everyone around her with her charm and good looks. She's playing a dangerous game...

Which new Lana Del Rey song is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!