Image c/o Heart2Heart official website

With a song title like 'Facebook Official', it's only fitting that I first came across the boy-band Heart2Heart on my Facebook timeline today. One of my friends had posted the music video with the caption "WTF?" followed by many of his friends expressing the same level of confusion and disbelief. How does such a song exist? Are these dudes wearing a heavy layer of makeup? What are these lyrics? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?

I wont lie, I had the same reaction when I first saw this video, but being that my job is to be current with music news and happenings in the biz, I was a little suspicious. Heart2Heart seemed too silly to be real, right? With lyrics like "Status update, what / Checking out pics of your butt" this group had to be a little more The Lonely Island than N*Sync... I did a little digging and came up with a few items of note:

  • Heart2Heart is a boy band started and "mentored" by boy-band-guru (he must be, he was in one) Lance Bass

  • Heart2Heart's lead member "Chad Future" is actually named David Lehre. David Lehre has been producing comedy shorts and parodies for a while — including one that was featured on Jimmy Kimmel.

  • People have said that the group is influenced or inspired by K-Pop (Korean pop) bands that are heavily produced and made-up. Could this be a K-Pop parody group?

  • The video looks like it was made on a pretty big budget. The band is even selling their "mini album" consisting of 5 songs on iTunes for $6.45

  • THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE, RIGHT? It kind of reminds us of what Joaquin Phoenix did when he sort of went crazy as an elaborate PR stunt for his movie I'm Still Here. Do you think Heart2Heart will announce some crazy Zoolander-esque comedy movie in the next few months? Is Lance Bass a genius for investing in this project?

For now, we don't know as no official statement has been given by the band or by Lance Bass. We'll be holding our breath until we find out the truth behind Heart2Heart. Does anybody know what's behind this over-the-top group? If it's real, somebody please let us know (also, sorry!)!