Heart's Handwritten Lyrics To "Barracuda" (EXCLUSIVE)

American rock n' roll legends Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart have given us some of the best rockin' lyrics of all time. From "Magic Man" to "Crazy On You", Heart aren't only known for their mystical songwriting: Nancy's skillful guitar playing and Ann's killer pipes definitely declare the sisters as rock royalty! So, what do you do when you've made it to the top of the rock n' roll food chain after almost 40 years in the biz? Release a deluxe box set of all your hits, of course! Out now, Heart's Strange Euphoria is a definitive career-spanning, multi-label boxed set chronicling the band's music, personally curated by the Heart sisters. If you're a fan, you won't want to miss this anthology of hits and beloved songs set alongside deep catalog treasures, rarities, demos and live performances. Strange Euphoria consists of three compact discs, one DVD, and (on the Amazon-exclusive edition) a cool bonus: a CD of five Led Zeppelin cover tracks!

In celebration of their Strange Euphoria release, we've got an exclusive just for you: handwritten lyrics to one of Heart's most iconic songs, "Barracuda": an anthem about a bad boy you just can't escape...

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