Hedley's Jacob Hoggard Talks Songwriting

Watch the Hedley frontman talk about how he pens his lyrics in our exclusive clip.

"What inspires you to write a song is probably the most important part of writing a song", Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard states in the beginning of our exclusive sit-down with the singer/songwriter. Promoting their new album Wild Life, which drops today, Hoggard explains that his personal way of getting a song out is inspired by a "musical moment" that has taken place in his life.

Talking about writing the album's title track "Wild Life", as well as the theme to the new record ("It has everything to do with how ridiculous life can be sometimes"), it's clear that Hedley's new music all started from their look back over their 10+ years in the pop world. "It's been the craziest ups and the most severe downs", states Hoggard on the band's journey together.

Want to hear more about what Jacob has to say on Hedley's songwriting process? The full video interview is below:

Hedley's Wild Life is available for download today off iTunes.