'Here And Now': All The Lyrics To Nickelback's New Album

Since we've hooked you up with both Drake and Rihanna's new album track listings, we found it only fitting to provide you with the lyrics to another huge album of 2011: Nickelback's Here And Now! The guys are sticking to the formula that works best for them — mixing lyrics about partying with lyrics about trying to save the world. Described as "hard rock" and "post grunge", Here And Now is available now wherever you get your music. Without further ado, here's the track listing for the band's seventh studio album:

1. This Means War

2. Bottoms Up Lyrics

3. When We Stand Together

4. Midnight Queen

5. Gotta Get Me Some

6. Lullaby

7. Kiss It Goodbye

8. Trying Not To Love You

9. Holding On To Heaven

10. Everything I Wanna Do

11. Don't Ever Let It End

Got a fave song so far? Let us know which one!

~ A.H.