Hometown Anthems: 3 Songs That Remind You Of The Place You Grew Up

When we asked you what lyrics and songs remind you of your hometown, we got a ton of responses. Some of the suggestions were literal, with the name of various towns in their titles ("California Gurls" for example!), and some were more conceptual, like songs that captured the particular spirit of your hometown. Here are 3 songs that always remind you of home...

Jason Aldean - Tattoos On This Town

"There ain't a corner of this hallowed ground / That we ain't laughed or cried on / It's where we loved, lived and learned real life stuff / It's everything we're made of"

This is a tribute to the town where Jason Aldean is from (Macon, Georgia) and where he created many memories. "Tattoos On This Town" is the quintessential hometown anthem because it's about all the things you learned from where you grew up, and all the impressions you yourself made on your home.

Adele - Hometown Glory

"Round my hometown, memories are fresh / Round my hometown, ooh, the people I've met / Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my world"

In this song, Adele sings about the differences between her hometown (Tottenham, north London) and the big city. This is for all the people who have moved to the big city to follow their dreams and who still remember the charms and sense of community of the small town where they grew up.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

"Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner / Sometimes I feel like my only friend / Is the city I live in, the city of angels / Lonely as I am, together we cry"

This song is a sad one about loneliness and more specifically about lead-singer Anthony Kiedis's drug addiction. The singer-songwriter grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan but spent summers with his father in Los Angeles, California which is the setting for this song. It's about the complicated, dark relationship one can feel to the place they call home.

What song reminds YOU of home? Tell us below...