Ice Cube's "Good Day"

According to Donovan Strain and his Tumblr account, Murk Avenue, it looks like we missed the commemoration of Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day" by just a hair.

While the now classic hip-hop jam is widely known as a narrative that chronicles one of the best days known to man. So what exactly fits into the criteria of a good day? Well, as far as the lyrics can tell us: no barking from the dark, no smog, a breakfast with no hog, getting a beep on your pager from a girl named Kim, playing basketball as well as Michael Jordan, the Lakers beating the Super Sonics, and the Goodyear blimp flashing your name.

Donovan Strain analyzed the lyrics and put them in a historical context to determine the exact date of Ice Cube's "good day". Examining things like which days were clear and had no fog, when pagers were invented, and when the Lakers beat the Super Sonics, Strain discovered the good day in question to be January 20, 1992 and aptly deemed it "National Good Day Day".

Unfortunately we missed it this year, but that just gives us all the more time to prep for 2013. See you there!