Interview: Lana Del Rey On Inspiration

Lana Del Rey has made a career of being referential, beautiful, controversial, and most of all, having a hauntingly beautiful voice. Her musical style takes stock of the past, referencing lounge singers from the 40's and 50's while still being forward-looking and modern. Though it's a moniker that has been repeated umpteen times (and to much scoffing), "the Gangster Nancy Sinatra" is a great way to describe an artist who takes her influences from both the past and the present.

Del Rey recently released her album Born To Die after her headline-making (and not in the best way) Saturday Night Live performance and it received mixed reviews. One of the standout songs was, of course, 'Video Games', which was the first song that got the artist noticed on indie music blogs and eventually in the mainstream. The other favorites were 'Born To Die' (see the stunning music video here) and 'Blue Jeans' which were both previously released as singles. The rest of the album received some criticism for not wowing listeners but we loved the songs 'Radio' and 'Summertime Sadness'. Overall the album is worth a listen, if only to see what all the hype has been about.

We got the heads up from our friends at KROQ that Del Rey recently sat down with Myspace music for an intimate interview and to sing some of her songs acappella. In the course of the interview she speaks about her influences and inspirations (vintage film footage, her supportive family and friends), gives advice to her fans ("Choose your role models wisely") and proves that she doesn't need musical accompaniment to sing beautifully. Watch the interview for the full scoop on Born To Die below.

We love ... Lana Del Rey

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