Interview: The Band Fun Talks To KROQ

2012 has been an exciting year for the simply-titled band Fun. Back in 2009, after the breakup of lead singer's indie-cult group The Format in 2008, he reformed as Fun in 2009 and released a little known album called Aim and Ignite. Cut to three years later with the release of their second album Some Nights, and the band's hit single "We Are Young" featuring Janelle Monae is sitting at #8 on our top 10 most-searched lyrics — not to mention blowing up the radio charts all over the world!

Fun visited KROQ for an interview and performance session, happy exclaiming "This is awesome. This is the perfect way to start the day," on stage. Before the band hit the stage, KROQ had a few questions about the first time they went to a concert and working with Janelle Monae.

Ruess said that his was a show with Bruce Springsteen which he "dragged" his parents to and "fell asleep a few songs in", while member Jack Antonoff saw Aerosmith and Collective Soul at the peak of their career. Lucky Andrew Dost got to see ex-Beatle Ringo starr!

What about working with futuristic pop-jazz star Janelle Monae? The guys were disappointed that they didn't get to record with her in the studio, but did meet her on tour. "We like to think that she had it recorded on the moon or in the future," joked Ruess, "Because it's Janelle Monae and she would have such wonderful future hindsight to be like, 'This song's going to be a hit.'"

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Fun's setlist was short but sweet, and consisted of their "favorite songs to play":

Some Nights
Walking The Dog
Carry On
At Least
We Are Young

Are you a fan of Fun? Let us know your thoughts on this up-and-coming band!