Interview: Usher Explains The True Meaning Behind "Climax"

Usher recently released his song "Climax" and we instantly fell in love with it. We reviewed the track last week and mentioned how we love his new minimal R&B style. Hopefully his cheap club-banger phase is over and he's ready to once again show off his great singing voice.

One topic of discussion since Usher released his new song has been the title. Apparently lots of radio stations aren't even allowed to say "Climax" on air because of its sexual connotations (which is weird, because our english teachers used to use "climax" when discussing structure for our short stories in school...). In short, Usher says the song isn't sexual, rather it's about the end of a loving relationship that just doesn't work anymore. If you examine the lyrics like we did you'd know that! Here's Usher setting the records straight on Radio V-103:

What do you think about the title "Climax"? Do you like Usher's new song?