Is John Mayer's Song "Shadow Days" About Jennifer Aniston?

 After a string of public breakups and controversial interviews that aired a bit too much dirty laundry, John Mayer left the music scene for a while. We'd like to think he had some time to take stock of his life during his time off and this seems to confirm it: a source close to Mayer says his latest single is about his ex Jennifer Aniston.

"Shadow Days" is the name of the track and according to the source who spoke to Us Weekly, "[it's] about Jen. It really took him a long time to get over her. He really loved her a lot."  Unlike the much-talked-about interview where he spilled about his relationship and sex life with Jessica Simpson, this song is more subdued and a lot less intrusive. Looking at the lyrics, you wouldn't really know it's about a specific person:

"Well I'm not some trouble maker / ?And I never meant her harm / ?But it doesn't mean I didn't make it? / Hard to carry on"

It sounds like the song is a sort of apology to Jen (and maybe all his exes) and a proclamation that he's a changed man with this verse:

"I'm a good man with a good heart / Had a tough time, got a rough start / And I finally learned to let it go / Now I'm right here, and I'm right now / And I'm hoping, knowing somehow / That my shadows days are over / My shadow days are over now"

Mayer is no stranger to getting flack from the media, and even being talked about in songs (Taylor Swift's "Dear John" anyone?) so we're glad he was gracious and not gratuitous in this new single.

Do you think this song is really about Jen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments...