It Takes A Village To Write A Hit Song - Not To Mention Tons Of $$$

A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? $1,078,000. That's how much it cost to write/produce Rihanna's latest single Man Down. NPR just reported that Def Jam held a "writing camp" in March of last year to complete her newest album. The article's source explains:
"A writing camp is like a reality show, where top chefs who have never met are forced to cook together. At the end, Rihanna shows up like the celebrity judge and picks her favorites."

Sounds pretty fun to us! Apparently they rented out about 10 high-end recording studios for the writers to work in which, as you can imagine, was ex-pen-$ive. Factor that cost in with the cost of mixing the song, working with a vocal producer ('The vocal producer's job is to make sure Rihanna sings the song right') and a bunch of marketing costs, the whole thing came out to, well, a fortune. Check out this chart for a breakdown:

Image from NPR