It's A Boy! 3 Songs To Celebrate The Royal Baby

The royal baby boy was born today, and we're celebrating with these 3 apropos lyrics...

RoyalBabyImage c/o Chris Jackson (Getty)

Congratulations are in order to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Will & Kate, on the birth of their son! The world has been watching and counting down for the royal baby, and now that he's finally here, everybody is celebrating the new prince and third-in-line to the throne. To offer our congrats, we've pulled three lyrics that we think scream "royal baby boy" more than anything else, and you can see 'em here...

3. Taylor Swift — Love Story

"You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess / It's a love story baby just say yes..."

As the new Prince of Cambridge, it's only fitting that we dedicate one of the world's most famous pop lyrics about princes & princesses to the little royal heir.

2. Cold War Kids — Royal Blue

"From now on, just my feeling is true / From now on, call me Royal Blue..."

In case Will & Kate are still struggling on a name, why not pull a Beyonce & Jay Z and name the baby Royal Blue?

1. The Lion King — I Just Can't Wait To Be King

"This child is getting wildly out of wing / Oh, I just can't wait to be king..."

We couldn't help it. We just had to put this song in here because it's what the future king is definitely thinking. Well, when he grows up, anyway!

Do you have any songs you'd like to dedicate to the royal baby boy? Share them with us!