It's A Ghost! Our Fave Ghoul-Infested Pop Lyrics

Boo! I'm a big scary ghosty! Photo c/o UNIFORM natural

Don't look now, but these pop stars have ghosts haunting the lyrics of their top 40 hits! Just in time for Halloween (it's less than a week away people!), B96 on has put together a list of popular tunes that might have a ghost or two hidden in their verses. Read on to find out which songs made the cut...if you dare...

Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

"If you don't, you'll be alone, and like a ghost, I'll be gone"

Yes, there are other lyrics to this song besides "WHOA OH OH, OH OH OH OH" and "IF YOU LIKED IT THAN YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT A RING ON IT". Admit it, those are the only lines you belt out, right? Who knew that Bey compared herself to a ghost when it came to all the deadbeat dudes out there who didn't have the courage to put a ring on it?

Usher - Moving Mountains

"I lost my way, she said she'd stay / And lately I been sleeping with a ghost"

 Shouldn't Usher know better than to sleep next to a ghost during Halloween? Hasn't he seen all those monster movies? Jokes aside, Usher's "Moving Mountains" is a heart-breaking tale of love lost. Booooooooo-hoo :'( 

Keri Hilson - Lose Control ft. Nelly

"Looking like you've seen a beautiful ghost / She must have been a sight to see / As you got your mouth wide open / And you're sweating like a hundred degrees"

Surprise, surprise: the always-confident Miss Keri Baby is talking about herself in these lyrics! I guess she's referencing herself as a mirage, but all I can picture is Keri floating around in a designer bedsheet with two holes cut out for eyes. Boo, indeed! 

Check out the full B96 ghoul-infested list of lyrics, and sound off to us: what are your favorite lyrics with GHOSTS in them?

~ A.H.