It's Fat Tuesday! The 5 Best Songs About Food

Happy Mardi Gras, everybody! Celebrate with these delicious tunes.

Happy Fat Tuesday, everybody! That's right, today marks the annual Mardi Gras celebrations, and what better way to pay homage to the event by stuffing your face? We saw the hashtag #FoodSongs on Twitter and knew right away we'd have to jump on the train, racking our brains to come up with the best delectable pop songs. Count them down with us this Fat Tuesday, and make sure you have a few snacks with you:

5. Lollipop -- Lil Wayne

We know that this song isn't exactly about the actual candy on a stick, but it makes us hungry anyways!

4. Sweet Potato -- Sia

Telling a tale of two lovers with everything from aubergines to Mars bars in between, we originally thought Sia's "Sweet Potato" was an ode to food...maybe it is?

3. Chicken Fried -- Zac Brown Band

We also like our chicken fried, Zac Brown. Bring on the KFC!

2. Jerk Ribs -- Kelis

Kelis' rhythmic jam may have nothing to do with jerk ribs at all, but the song's title certainly makes us long for the Caribbean delicacy. Is that our stomachs rumbling?

1. Banana Pancakes -- Jack Johnson

Let's face it: banana pancakes are one of the world's greatest breakfast foods. So it only made sense that Jack Johnson wrote a song about them. Especially when covered in walnuts and maple syrup, yum.

Check out our Fat Tuesday playlist with all of the songs listed above off our YouTube page!

What pop songs about food are you blasting this Fat Tuesday? Let us know in the comments. Happy Mardi Gras!