It's The First Weekend Of 2013! 3 Songs To Kick Off Your January

In January, we make our New Years resolutions, make plans for the upcoming year, and also recover from the Christmas/New Years Eve party season. Since it's the first weekend of 2013, we put three songs that name-drop the year's first month for whatever your mood might be! Read on to listen to them...

Lil Wayne - Fireman 

"I rekindle the flame / She remembered the name / It's Weezy Baby January December the same"

This vintage Lil Wayne track has the rapper reminding us that he'll always be the same true-blue Weezy from January to December. Will you stay the same all year in 2013?

Drake - I Get Lonely Too

"Waited on you for so long / Too many days since January / I'm still sitting here alone"

Are you taking it easy and not partying this first weekend of the year? Let Drake console you with this smooth song. It's a reminder that even the most famous of artists still gets lonely, just like you!

Flo Rida - Good Feeling

"I'll be the president one day / January 1st, oh, you like that gossip"

Keeping the party going? Then blast this happy-go-lucky club banger by Flo Rida to remind yourself that this year is gonna be better than ever! We have a good feeling about it!

What's on your playlist this January, 2013? Tell us in the comments!