Jason Aldean On His Childhood and Music

Country star Jason Aldean is nominated for a whopping SIX Academy of Country Music Awards this year, and according to him, his entire life has lead him to a career in music. On CBS This Morning today, Aldean sat down with co-hosts Gayle King and Erica Hill to discuss his success, his childhood in Georgia, and his path towards Country music.

When asked about his childhood aspirations, Aldean had this to say:
"As a little kid I really wanted to be a baseball player. I grew up playing baseball, and had a chance to go to college and kind of pursue baseball a little further, and the thought of going to school for four more years just was not very appealing to me at the time. So I decided to throw everything I had into the music at that point."

Aldean seems really down-to-earth in the interview and is grateful for and modest about his success. This down-to-earth quality helps to explain why Aldean's songs about his roots and staying true to who you are tend to be so popular. His top song on MetroLyrics is "Dirt Road Anthem" and its lyrics read:
"I sit back and think about them good old days / The way we were raised in our southern ways / And we like cornbread and biscuits / And if it's broke 'round here, we fix it"

Sounds like he's the same old home-town boy, but this time he's nominated for coveted awards...6 times! Fans can show their support by voting for him in the Entertainer of the Year category. Watch the full interview below:

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